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AM Pre-K Class Program at Little Church on the Prairie Preschool

Our classroom environment promotes interaction of children (ages 4 & 5) with materials, other children and adults. Developmentally appropriate practices are used for preparing students for kindergarten. Activities are thoughtfully planned to help children grow in all areas: physically (fine & gross motor skills), emotionally, socially, intellectually, and spiritually.

We strive to provide a safe classroom where children feel loved, accepted, comfortable and excited to learn. When mistakes are made, they are used as teachable moments. Children are taught to help one another, as well as to forgive one another.

We support children in all areas of development, believing that each area contributes to the growth of a healthy, well-balanced individual. Our curriculum covers a broad range of themes that are helpful to prepare children for future education.

Kindergarten teachers have told us over and over that the most critical skills for incoming kindergartners to have are social and emotional. Can the child do all of the following: look forward to going to school, enjoy being helpful, comply with requests from adults, show respect & concern for others, initiate interactions with classmates, state needs & ideas clearly, share toys and materials with classmates, show self-control when angry or upset, work independently, and listen attentively? We plan specific units (e.g., friendship-- how to be a good friend, conflict resolution), and we have daily opportunities to practice what is being taught.

What else is learned in the AM Pre-K Class? Here is an overview, though not a comprehensive list:
*PHYSICAL SKILLS: (gross motor) handling a ball, galloping, balancing, moving to music, pedaling tricycles/scooters, crossing monkey bars, jumping rope; (fine motor) grasping pencil correctly, using scissors with control; a variety of manipulatives are provided to develop these skills.

*LIFE & SAFETY SKILLS: fire safety, manners, conflict resolution, and responsibility for self and belongings

*PRE-ACADEMICS: (Math) shape & numeral recognition, oral counting, 1-to-1 correspondence, patterning, graphing, problem-solving; (Reading Readiness & Writing) name writing and recognition, letter recognition, sequencing, following directions, positional words and opposites; language skills are developed through experiencing stories, finger plays, songs, nursery rhymes and other rhyming activities, in addition to Show & Tell presentations.

*SPIRITUAL CURRICULUM: Because we are a Christian preschool, we focus on Jesus during the holidays of Christmas and Easter, rather than on Santa Claus or the Easter bunny. We do pray in class each day. Children are encouraged to pray for whatever is on their mind. Children are never forced to pray. They are simply given the opportunity to do so, and are asked to be respectful while others are praying. At Thanksgiving, we focus on expressing our thanks to the Lord. We learn about the Fruit of the Spirit by focusing on one characteristic per month of our school year. Do you know all 9? They are: love, peace, joy, patience, kindness, faithfulness, goodness, gentleness, and self-control. Bible stories are incorporated into units (e.g., David & Goliath might be included in our Heroes unit).

*MUSIC, SCIENCE & ART: Children experience all of these daily through the many activities available inside of our classroom and out! We welcome parents to share their talents with us. Previous guests have shared instruments during a Music theme or tools during a Construction theme. One family was kind enough to bring in live tadpoles that they had discovered while away on Spring Break!  This was such a great conclusion to our Frog unit!

SENSES: music appreciation, visual memory, auditory memory, color discrimination, creative expression, tasting & smelling, baking projects, tactile awareness—particularly through our sensory table, which is changed out on a weekly basis.

Knowing that parents are the first and life-long teachers of our students, we keep them informed of what is happening in our classroom through weekly newsletters. Also, we have Parent-Teacher conferences in the fall and spring. We know that it is important to keep a strong connection between home and school.

Age Requirement: Age 4 by August 31st.
Class Time: Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday 9:00-11:30 a.m.

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