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Little Church on the Prairie Preschool

Grow. Learn. Explore. 

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Junior Class

Age Requirement: Age 3 by August 31st.

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AM Pre-K

Age Requirement: Age 4 by August 31st.

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PM Pre-K

Age Requirement: Age 4 by April 30th thru kindergarten age

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Our Approach

The Preschool program at Little Church on the Prairie is well-known for its ability to provide a quality educational program that meets the needs of children and families. As we work with each child, we identify and celebrate their strengths, and encourage age-appropriate growth.

What Parents Think

As a developmental pediatrician, I recommend high quality and developmentally appropriate preschool prior to entry into kindergarten. LCOP was a fantastic choice for our son and has prepared him well for the kindergarten environment from both the academic and social aspects. Thank you LCOP! We will miss you!" 

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