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The Perfect Place to Grow


Junior Class

Age Requirement: Age 3 by August 31st.

Class Time: Tuesday/Thursday 9:30 am-noon

The Junior class at Little Church on the Prairie Preschool is often the first school experience for three and young four-year-old children.

This class strives to make each child’s first school experience a positive and engaging experience. The class focuses on familiarizing children with basic school experiences such as interactive play, sharing, taking turns, and developing friendships and respect for their peers.

For a full description, click here.

Pre-K Class

Age Requirement: Age 4 by August 31st.
Class Time: Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday 9:00 am - noon.

Our classroom environment promotes the interaction of children (ages 4 & 5) with materials, other children, and adults. Developmentally appropriate practices are used for preparing students for kindergarten. Activities are thoughtfully planned to help children grow in all areas: physically (fine & gross motor skills), emotionally, socially, intellectually, and spiritually.

We strive to provide a safe classroom where children feel loved, accepted, comfortable, and excited to learn. When mistakes are made, they are used as teachable moments. Children are taught to help one another, as well as to forgive one another.

For a full class description, click here

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